The Idea

Artists inspiring Artists is such a powerful movement in our modern social life.  Social networking is the source of so much inspiration for different artists.  Inspiration is the fuel the starts that new painting or drawing.  There are all sorts of different ways of inspiration whether it is a dream, it could be a powerful event in the world or in an individuals life, or just something someone saw online.  With the growing of social media and the Internet, comes the growing of these inspirations.  I started 3 years ago when I was searching for a new background for my Apple iPhone 4 and found some amazing Works by Agnes Cecil, who inspires many people with her amazing work, but her work is the only reason I decided to try out watercolor.  That is the story of my first piece "An Inspiration".  

The Idea of creating this blog is to link up this website with the Social Media World of Inspiration, and to give other Artists that fuel to create their next or first piece.  I will be showing you some of my favorite pieces I've created along with my favorite pieces done by other artists.